Team System


Team system allows you to play in a group or party with other players Having other players in a group with you can help in providing buff, heal and another things in a more easier way.
To open this system you can left click on the systems options or the key combination Alt + G..


Team options

  • Share
  • Alone


Allows you and your team mates to share experience and drops from monsters.


Allows you and your team mate to hunt in a group without sharing experience or drops (You still receive a small amount of experience when in a team, as a bonus).

When you and your team mates have the same quest, you can hunt the same monsters to obtain the desired materials to complete the quest. You don't need to be in shared in order to have this functionality.


Once you are in a team you will unlock new options in the team panel (Alt + G)

Team panel view as team leader.
ZeGLeKc.png Team panel view as team mate.

Note: all these new options are target required, meaning you will have to select a desired team mate to apply any of these options. (It doesn't work in team mate portrait).

And you will be able to see the following:

Map view, white mark yourself, red mark team mate (colours might vary depending on number of team mate)

If you hover your teammate portrait you can see their buff, debuff, etc…:


And if you right click with your mouse on a team mate portrait you can see these options:


You can have up to 4 team mates (it will be a group of 5 people, including yourself).


Note: when your team mates portrait is faded it means they are not in the same map as you are in.

You can use spells and another items on your team mates, and instead of having to do it on your team mate character, you can do it directly on your team mate portrait.

Another feature is that you can see your team mates health bar under their characters as well like in their team mate portrait.



There are some places where you need to be in a team to access them, examples are Magic Kitchen Path, Gulp Room, Lost Region, other instances, and House (The Monster Hatching Room

Let's take as example Lost Region, in Atlantis


You will notice you can't access any of the options, since you aren't part of a team.


Now let's try again, once you are part of a team.


We select "I want to enter the Lost Region".


And VoilĂ , we are inside of the instance.
Important note::

  • If you are in a team with only 1 person, and that person or you leaves/disolve the team (for any reason like disconnecting from the game), you will be kicked or the whole team will be kicked out and get deleport to cupid if the team is disolved.
  • If you clear the instance, and exit the map and enter again, with the same team, you will enter the same instance as before, to avoid this, you have to disolve/leave current team.


The House system has a feature in which you and your team mates can go and hunt House Bosses, inside of "The Monster Hatching Room".



  • Be in a team with the owner of the House.
  • The owner of the house must be inside of the house, otherwise you can't enter this area.

Note: if you are inside of this area and you leave the team, you won't be kicked out of it or the house, like in the instances.

Note 2: if the owner of the house leaves the house, the boss will disssapear and won't respawn until the owner comes inside again.1