Daily Events System
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Daily Events System

Daily events are held every day, and you can earn experience points and skill experience points at regular intervals while participating in the event.
Collect Daily coins that can be obtained at the events and give them to Dailies Clerk to exchange them for nice items.

System overview

Click (or Ctrl+D) the daily event icon at the bottom of the minimap window to open the daily event window.

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In this window you can see the events schedules and if there is an active event you will be able to see a "GO" button.
If you want to join such event, just press the button and you will be teletransported to the event.
There are 7 types of events every day, twice per day.

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Collect Daily coins that can be obtained from winning events, monsters and treasure chests placed on the event map, and give them to Dailies Clerk to exchange them for nice items.
** Daily events will only be held on channel 1.

System event schedule
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Event descriptions

Angelic Guard

MAP: Castle of Ordeals The
Angelic Guard is divided into three stages, and if everyone cooperates and defeats the BOSS monsters placed in each stage, the door to proceed to the next stage will open.
Also, when the boss is defeated, the character who gave the last blow will get a treasure chest, and many treasure chests will appear on the field. Anyone can open treasure chests on the field.

1.- All BOSS monsters will disappear when the event ends.

2.- Characters who open the treasure chest will warp to the entrance.

3.- If you log out on the event map, you will be teleto cupid the next time you log in.