Card Collection System
Card Collection System

We have a cardset collection system, which can give you a grand variety of rewards.

There are various ways to obtain them, such as killing monsters and bosses, doing quest, crafting items/cooking food, etc..,
buying bags through IM or exchanging expecial event items for cardset bags.

Card Book

1.- Right clicking on a card adds it in card book. The card that is
already in the book cannot be added in the book again.

2.- Pressing [Alt+C] opens the card book in order to view the cards in it.

3.- A card book includes Card Set and Card List. Cards Sets Tab is to view cards
and rewards. Card List Tab is to display all cards in existence.

4.- If you select any card in the card list you can get a description on hints
on how to get the card and an easy introduction of the card set.


After you get cards and try to complete a cardset you will be able to Exchange the cardset for the rewards displayed in the green rectangle.


When a reward is exchanged/claimed you won't longer be able to see the cardset reward and the card set name will become highlighted in golden color and the card set image will get color.