Album System


By collecting equipment items, the collection value accumulates, and when the collection value of the whole or each part reaches a certain value, the character's stats will increase.

System overview

Find the Album icon at the bottom of the minimap window or press the shortcut [Ctrl + B] .


If you drag and drop equipment items into the collection storage area of ​​the window and put them in the collection book, you can acquire collection values ​​according to the equipment items.
When the collection value reaches a certain number, the character's stats will increase.


Warning: equipment items stored in the album can never be taken out again.

Collection Book Up to 4 items

Items can be collected for each collection type, rarity, and item equipment level. (You can increase the number limit to 5, future item might be added to do so).

  • If the collection slot is already filled, it will be judged whether the collection value is higher than the stored item when collecting the item.
  • If the collection value is higher than the already stored item, the item with the lowest collection value will be overwritten.

How to check the collection value of an item

Hover over a collectable item to display the collection type and the collection value that can be obtained by collecting it at the bottom of the item description window.
Even with the same item, the higher the status, the higher the collection value.


Album Rewards

Level Required Value Ability Boost
1 704 Attack +140, Magic Attack +70
2 1407 Attack +160, Magic Attack +80