Angel Elementary
Angel Elementary

Are you tired of fighting countless monsters everyday in order to level up? Perhaps it’s time to take a break from the monotony and challenge your brain! Our Angel Lyceum teachers have thoughtfully set up an Angel Elementary to help our little Angels! You can head on down to the Angel Elementary to answer quizzes daily!

At a specified time every night, simply click on the graduation hat icon under the mini map to register for the fun quiz. As long as you fulfil the requirements, you’ll be teleported straight to the Angel Elementary upon registration to wait for the quiz to start. There will be 30 questions in all – answer them in the shortest time possible to get high marks. The top 50 scorers will be rewarded with EXP and other luscious prizes! Simply spend 10 minutes and you stand to gain a whole lot more EXP than 10 hours of fighting monsters! Don’t miss out on this speedy way to level up!

Check out this icon:


But be careful! If you guess blindly for the sake of answering quickly, and if you get the answer wrong, points will be deducted! So it’s better to answer carefully or even to skip questions instead.

If you want to score well for the quiz, besides using your brain, you should make good use of supplementary items too! Use them to eliminate multiple choice answers to double your chances of getting the right answer, or to eliminate the penalty for getting the wrong answer! With these items, you could even double the EXP gained!