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Achievement System

The Natives of Primordeal Paradise have something unheard of in Eden: Achievements and Titles, a system that rewards their warriors based on their accomplishments and contributions to the Native community. After months of painstaking research, much of it by trial and error, the scientists of Eden have finally made it work. Read on to discover the secrets of this system.

The Achievements Index details a step-by-step journey that maps your character growth in areas that include fighting, pets, quests, production, enhancements and much more! Accomplishments are recorded in detail, such as the Totem battles, card lists, Holy Battlefield exploits, or houses. Achievements in each of these categories can unlock titles and enhance your abilities. Use these to achieve goals such as becoming a card collector or perhaps an invincible storm that can sweep across PVP battlefields. The system gives you greater control over the development, customization and growth of your character.


To access the Titles and Achievements interface, simply left-click the thumb icon next to your HP bar. The scientists have heard your complaints and have decided to make it easier to access by creating a shortcut command (Ctrl +A) that grants access to the Titles Interface.