Summoner (Wraith spell) 10502.gif


- High survivability with Bone Armor (Reflects Damage), Blood Absorbing Spell (HP Spellvamp), Hurt Transfer (Damage Reduction), Transfer Bargain (Gives you a second life)
10741.gif 10578.gif 10581.gif 10580.gif 10779.gif
- Lots of powerful debuffs for group bosses/instances
10570.gif 10574.gif 10571.gif 10575.gif 10576.gif
- High rotten + poison DOT damage, means you can still be useful with relatively lower Spell Attack
10583.gif 10586.gif 10862.gif
- Has summons that can deal damage/absorb damage/make it harder for enemies to click on you in PVP
10584.gif 10869.gif


- Level 108 AOE spell (Venomous Breath) is a skill-shot with a 0.5s cast time, that can be interrupted if fighting large groups of mobs)
- Doesn't have any single target damage spells between level 88 and 130 (Blood Absorbing spell 5 -> Bloodthirsty Bite 1)

Transfer Bargain sacrificing the Summon, and giving the player another life