Priest (Life spell) 10501.gif


- Decent survivability (Angel Tears for heal, Hurt Recovery heals back critical hits)
10566.gif 10552.gif 10864.gif
- Good AOE support class for group/event bosses (Energy Light AOE healing, Heart Beat debuff)
10739.gif 10565.gif
- Buffs that you can use on other players (which is why a lot of people use this class as a healer)
10553.gif 10554.gif 10555.gif 10555.gif 10556.gif 10557.gif 10561.gif 10563.gif
- Divine Freeze is good to buy time if you are getting focused in Totem War
- Has some stuns (Heavenly hammer, Cross trial)
10740.gif 10776.gif
- Self Cast AOE (Dazzling Burst) has no cast time with 8 range, good for AOEing large groups.
- Can revive others. Useful for house bosses/instances where time is important, or where it's hard to get back to your spot.


- High MP usage.
- Barely any elemental damage (only lvl 108 AOE has a small amount of fire damage), so high Spell Attack is required to deal damage.

A player using a group heal spell, Energy Light