Mage Builds

Neccessary Skills

10505.gif Curse is necessary for 99.9% of mage builds, for the passive 0.5s casting time reduction, unless you want to use Staff Hit's Blazing Charm spell, but does not have 100% uptime.
10506.gif Meditate has Swiftness Spell (teleporting around), Mana Barrier (MP regen, 100% necessary for life/chaos builds otherwise u run out of mana), Mana Focus (+ Spell Crit). Link to Skills
10507.gif Hit has Power Shield (one of the most OP mage abilities) and Arcane Burst (for extra % damage). Link to Skills
10534.gif Vestment is vital, unless u want slow casting. Link to Skills

Skills to choose
Pick 2 of these to go with the above skills

10501.gif Life Link to skills and Life guide
10502.gif Wraith Link to skills and Wraith guide
10503.gif Chaos Link to skills and Chaos guide
10504.gif Earth Link to skills and Earth guide

Example complete builds

10502.gif10504.gif 10505.gif10506.gif10507.gif10534.gif
10501.gif10504.gif 10505.gif10506.gif10507.gif10534.gif

'Glass Cannon' High AOE damage build with Staff Hit

10508.gif Staff Hit is the one skill that hasn't been mentioned yet, because it is used in place of Earth/Life/Chaos/Wraith, if somebody wants to focus on only one main Skill + use Staff Hit for it's AOE (stacks with main skill AOE) and temporarily cast time reduction, although you will lose a lot of defensive/utility spells of the second main skill. Link to Skills
10503.gif10508.gif 10505.gif10506.gif10507.gif10534.gif
10501.gif10508.gif 10505.gif10506.gif10507.gif10534.gif
10502.gif10508.gif 10505.gif10506.gif10507.gif10534.gif
10504.gif10508.gif 10505.gif10506.gif10507.gif10534.gif