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  • This Wiki is custom made for AOPVP2 using the Original Wiki as a template.All of the pages have been made from scratch and updated to fit the server.

General Update


Most of the images on the wiki for spells have been uploaded, but there are still some missing. Anyone that wants to help can contribute by providing us the correct images extracted from the game files.
Looking for someone to work on System explanations and Builds pages.

Depending on the quality of work done, we are offering an Angel Gold reward for big contributors that help us update the wiki.

Things currently in progress:

1) Systems category - in-depth explanations of in-game systems such as Teams / Fusion / Instances / Leagues / Totem Battles
2) Builds subpages - basic build of each class, pros and cons, alternative build examples
3) EXP and Skill EXP pages
4) Rank Page
5) Stats Page - explanations of all the stats in the game
6) Special/Additional effects on skills




This is the beginning of the AOPVP2 Wiki, anyone that wants to contribute can contact Baynar#4059 on Discord and apply.
The goals of this Wiki are currently simple:

1) Have all custom spell changes made implemented
2) Run the wiki 100% independent of the official wiki
3) Add any missing or useful information


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